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Working hours not specified.

Western Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

1788 Main Street North
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan S6J1L4

No description available.

2018 2019
Please note that the finance rates below reflect the base model and may vary depending on the trim selection. For more detailed information on a specific vehicle, click here to generate your free cost report.

2019 Chrysler 300

Finance 4.49% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $0

Starting at: $41,795
2019 Chrysler Pacifica

Finance 4.49% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $7,000

Starting at: $36,995

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Ben Spicer

Bought a truck great salesperson. Finance was a bit shifty did not explain that the used car warranty was actually an insurance policy. So I noticed right away steering was making some noise had to drive from Saskatoon to Moose Jaw to get it fixed. They had no parts changed my oil and I had to drive back. They quoted me 2200 to fix my steering rack. I said I thought it was under warranty. They didnt even transfer the ownership from previous owner to myself. Told me I had no warranty then called on my way home said oh ya it is under warranty. Drove back again for an appointment in the morning and they weren't sure when they would have it done. Left near closing time on my way home a piece fell off my truck almost hit the car behind. It was my first time having work done and having parts fall off one of my vehicles. They also charged me 75 bucks as a deductible to fix an issue that was supposed to be under warranty?

Was supposed to get winter tires credit when i purchased the vehicle. Drove down for tire intallation after ordering tires. Service department didnt know about the tires. I've never seen anything more disorganized. Eventually got my tires the manager promised all sorts of things payment for the part that fell off my vehicle, payment of my gas and a gift card to the Keg for all the inconvenience. I never received anything.

They informed me I had to get my oil changed there for engine warranty. Played telephone tag for some time. Service never answers their phone. Tried to book online for service they never got back to me. I had to take my truck to Saskatoon dealership because I needed service and just never received it at Western Dodge Moose Jaw.

This is the worst service in any industry I have ever received. If no stars was an option I would assign it. However my salesperson was awsome. So one star they had one star they get.

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Dave Ciocia

Christopher in the service department is awesome! and we really appreciate the great service he always offers us. We have been in numerous times with various issues with our vehicle. Christopher is always very friendly and is super to deal with. He is quite often very busy with everything and everyone and yet he is always very courteous and does his best to keep everyone happy. Western Dodge is very lucky to have someone like this to represent their company in this way. Too often employees only hear the negatives that people have to say so we just want to say thank you to Christopher for helping us out when we come in and for having such a great work ethic and attitude!

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jennifer jans

The worst dealership too deal with i was looking at one of there jeep I live in regina I told him I was coming from regina too look at it and said if the jeep got sold please let me know so I don't waste my trip. I came out sat when I got there it was sold and not even a phone call to tell me it was sold it was a waste of trip

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Earl Swalm

Darroch and his team provide a good service.

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Manish Athwal

love the place , fair and fast service .

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