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MINI Mont Royal in Montreal, Quebec

4090 Jean Talon West
Montreal, Quebec H4P1V5

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2018 2019
Please note that the finance rates below reflect the base model and may vary depending on the trim selection. For more detailed information on a specific vehicle, click here to generate your free cost report.

2018 MINI Countryman

Finance 0.90% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $500

Starting at: $29,290

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Ms. L

Abysmal doesn’t even begin to describe this dealership. Brought in an end of lease bmw to trade for a new mini a month ago, and here’s what they’ve managed to screw up in 4 weeks: the bmw is still not noted as being paid off by mini, and is STILL UNDER MY NAME even though I haven’t owned it in a month. When I took possession of the mini, they gave me the wrong spare key, and said the batteries were probably dead. No, your sales guy gave the wrong key. Waited over 2.5 hours for a tire change. Was told the car was in the wash, and an hour later was told “it’s really in the wash now, haha”. Avoid this joke at all costs. Taking the bus is a better option than buying from them.

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CreativeArt Ottawa

Terrible place! Terrible staff and terrible service! I do not recommend!!!!!! If you love your Mini, don’t consider this dealer! Go somewhere else.

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Oliver Dueck

I leased a Mini from out of province since they had exactly what I want. Jonathan was very helpful and he answered all my questions and did the entire deal over email. It was a very easy experience.

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patrick v

Most reviews you read are from people still in the 'honeymoon' stage of a new car...meaning they just picked up their brand new Mini and the dealer even asked them specifically to put up a review and voila the one or two liners that are useless ..'awesome, great service etc' Be nice to read a review from a long time client/customer. Here is one:
I have owned 3 Minis over about 11 years, A Copper S, a John Cooper Works and a Mini Countryman S. Aside from the Dealer which I will get to in a sec, Mini used to offer many features standard but over the years charge extra for almost anything, furthermore the options add at up very quickly in costs $$$$ The "Starting at..." you see in Ads is just to get you in the door. In addition, Minis value wise over the years have plummeted. Minis themselves are plagued with problems, these vehicles simply are not built to last and I know so many people inside that will tell you " Four years and they are finished " I could list the issues I had in the cars in the first second and third years ,but this review would never end. Go to Consumer Reports or a reputable rating reviewer and Minis rank very low for reliability...check for yourself, don't shoot the messenger ! Mini spends more money on branding and marketing than actually improving their vehicles. Standard safety features at Toyota for instance , Mini charges an arm and a leg. So if you are a first time buyer beware, you have been warned .
For the dealership itself Mini/BMW : The word 'deal' is not in their vocabulary , not kidding. They simply soak every penny out of you they can in Sales and the only deals are usually Factory incentive not from the local dealership. They will bend over backwards for you if they know they are getting the most they can out of you otherwise they don't bother with you. I would never had gotten a 3rd Mini but I was going through a divorce and needed a safer car for my son and got baited. My Countryman was ending its lease, first and last lease I will ever do, regardless I made it very clear to John the Sales Manager I wanted Cost plus minimal on a new Mini, would have been my 4th.. He never, in 6 months got back to me once , no calls , did not bother returning emails or my messages!! One of the Salesman told me off the record to not bother, they don't deal, just soak customers because most of their clientele don't buy they lease and through a company so they are not motivated to offer any deals to the buyer because the buyers are not directly paying. Dealing with John ,the Mini Sales Manager, on returning my Countryman early, I set up an appointment for an appraisal , confirmed the day before, showed up at the dealership and he never showed up. The secretary called him and told him I was waiting, never showed up. I left him a written note , never heard from him , and he is the sales manager so that tells you a lot. Simply horrendous.
Good things I have to say: there are some to be fair. Service at BMW Canbec is notoriously terrible, simply read for yourself but at Mini I would say it was average to good. The mechanics do good work and I had no issues dealing with anyone in service and I was there often !! Having said this, I own a Ford Mustang GT and Lasalle Ford Service is comparable more industry standards are met than anything, but not below average .
Returning the vehicle on my lease, Michael on the BMW side who handles all returns of Minis and BMWs included, actually returned calls unlike Mini, he was professional and thorough so kudos to that employee.
Mini Mont Royal ...ahhhh walk away, actually either Laval or South Shore if you are set on a Mini....the other dealers respectively. Mini Laval I dealt with and preferred them but it was simply to far to drive up for the service always required, but Mini Laval was always cheaper and quicker. Mini Mont Royal is just shady and like Sales overcharge usually unless you are very on top things as I was.
What did I end up buying ? Like the majority of previous owners , a GTI like everyone else lol !!

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david quintas

Having been in the car business for over a decade, I know how dealers work. So when I was asked by a friend to help him shop for his new car, I was shocked. There are so many dealers that lack the refinement and professionalism of Mini Mont Royal, and we had visited many. In an industry driven not only by product, but service as well, I can say that John and his staff went above and beyond. My friend loves his car and is delighted with how well the process went. I highly recommend these guys.

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