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Mac Lang Orillia in Orillia, Ontario

450 Memorial Avenue
Orillia, Ontario L3V6V7

No description available.

2018 2019 2020
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2019 Chrysler 300

Finance 4.29% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $0

Starting at: $41,795
2019 Chrysler Pacifica

Finance 4.29% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $7,000

Starting at: $36,995

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Barry Manilow

We went to Mac Lang in Orillia to buy a new pick up truck. For one, the truck we wanted was actually almost $12,000 cheaper at a dealership near Toronto. In addition to that, the show room is pretty sad looking and needs some serious work.

The sales Associate Tim O insulted us at the end because we didn't buy the truck from him. We were walking back to our car and my husband walked past it and said "Whats the matter? Are you embarrassed to get in that thing?". Super great professional sales tactic.

I suggest going to another dealership that holds themselves to a more professional standard and will offer you better deals on a new car. If you want to be ripped off and insulted then for sure head to this place!!

Source: Google

Mike Vanelst

Brought my truck in for some electrical work and winter/summer tire swap out....service was great. Done on time and to my 100% satisfaction... thank you :)

Source: Google

Wilf North

Excellent for customer service. Verry friendly knowledgeable staff.

Source: Google

Knight Lenwe

I highly recommend this dealership. Awesome and friendly service. Tim and Carrie were great with this sale. Working with me to make the sale happen.

Source: Google

John Meikle

Tim was a very solid sales agent and handled all my questions and concerns with a smile and timely answers. Even when making simple mistakes on my part he was happy to adjust timing and anything else needed to make sure I was happy. I'm normally very un-trusting of a dealership let alone sales people and with Tim i was beyond happy with how everything went. I'm very happy to recommend him to anyone looking to buy a vehicle.

Source: Google

JC Howorth

Service department is good but don't bother going to buy a vehicle there. Mac Lange used to sell for good pricing but make a trip to a Toronto dealership to get the same car or truck for a few thousand dollars less. In my case, about $5,000!

Source: Google

Carol Good

Worst Service by the service department I've ever had at a dealership. Service Manager Chuck Houtby should not be allowed to talk to customers , he has NO people skills at all and is blatantly rude. His Mechanic skill are questionable at best! Receptionist had nothing but excuse after excuse. Took my 2+ year old Caravan in for back wheels screeching ... Under warranty of coarse but chuck tells my I blew the back brakes and they must be replaced for $750+ as warranty doesn't cover wear items ... I say impossible that I did this and that it must be some type of defect , he just shrugs like he doesn't care. well after going else where I find that I was right since the one rear brake pad was perfectly fine and had almost no wear and the other side was totally disintegrated. which means HE NEVER checked either the one or both sides at all! otherwise the determination wouldn't have been that I just slam the brakes on all the time and wore them out. It would have been the one side had the calipers seize or something of that nature talk about improper diagnosis! that was total Negligence on Chuck! once I confronted him about this new finding I got the " ohh well I don't care " " were not going to do anything for you " and then proceeded to tell me to get out after I said how unacceptable this was. No problem Chuck , I will get out cause there no way I'd ever go to a place that employ's people like you!

Source: Google

Chad Buckley

From the first call I made to having my picture taken, Gordie was there, answering all my questions and making this purchase a pleasure, Highly recommend Gordie Antle and mac lang.

Source: Google

Dawn reed

The sales depart is amazing... So helpful.. If your looking to buy Tim is the guy to see.. Beyond happy with every vehicle we get from Tim.

Service on the other hand is the most incompetent bunch of people I have ever met.

Source: Google

Fraser Benjamin

I had a very dissatisfying experience with Steve Kenyon. While purchasing a vehicle I had brakes installed in order to certify the vehicle. A few days the brakes began to squeak. I returned to have the brakes checked and no abnormality was found. During this visit I had winter tires installed. The summer tires were placed in the back seat without covering bags. This required a thorough cleaning of the back seat.

I discussed this with Steve Kenyon. He denied that this was done, he inspected the back seat to find scuff marks on the doors and seats. He flat out refused to do anything about it.

After finding the brakes continued to squeak, I returned to Mac Lang to have them inspected again. Once again, no abnormality was found and the brakes were not changed, despite the noise coming from the brakes. I had the vehicle inspected by mechanics at Canadian Tire and they found a very loud squeak and wear indicating that the brakes need to be changed. I spoke to Steve Kenyon on the phone regarding this. He refused to honour the warranty claiming that Canadian Tire technicians were trying to complete unnecessary work on the car. He threatened to hang up on me on the phone. He then was not able to find the paper work indicating the warranty on the brakes so I asked if I would be able to speak to the service manager. Steve Kenyon told me the service manager was not in, so I asked to speak with the service department to sort this out. He refused to transfer me to the service department. I phoned again and asked to speak with the service department but I was disconnected. I phoned a second time and asked to speak with the service department, they informed me that the service manager was actually in today. Steve Kenyon lied, saying the service manager was not in when he was. Once again, he denied the warranty despite a documented abnormality in the brakes. After this, I tried to phone the service department, and kept being disconnected. Steve Kenyon refused to connect me to the service department.

I would strongly advise against dealing with Steve Kenyon at Mac Lang Orillia. He was disrespectful and unprofessional.

Source: Google

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