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Working hours not specified.
Working hours not specified.

Hawkesbury Mazda in Hawkesbury, Ontario

959 McGill Street
Hawkesbury, Ontario K6A3K8

No description available.

2019 2020
Please note that the finance rates below reflect the base model and may vary depending on the trim selection. For more detailed information on a specific vehicle, click here to generate your free cost report.

2020 Mazda CX-3

Finance 1.75% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $0

Starting at: $21,045
2020 Mazda CX-5

Finance 2.25% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $0

Starting at: $27,950
2020 Mazda CX-9

Finance 2.95% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $0

Starting at: $39,900
2020 Mazda Mazda3

Finance 2.49% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $0

Starting at: $18,000
2020 Mazda Mazda3 Sport

Finance 2.05% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $0

Starting at: $21,300
2020 Mazda Mazda6

Finance 1.00% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $0

Starting at: $27,350

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Tyrone Renaud

Typical car dealership where they had a used car I was interested in, but kept trying to herd me into buying "new", and then set the prices so that the 3yo car would be more expensive! Don't bother trying to buy here.

Source: Google

Amanda Darling

Amazing and Friendly Staff ☺️

Source: Google

Sebastien L

The salesman was rude insulting pushy towards his sales terible customer service

Source: Google

Tina Leveillé

Good service

Source: Google

Valerie Marshall

They went above and beyond for us. Recommend them 200%

Source: Google

Chris Lancaster

Great experience! (Mazda 3 lease). People are A+ and there to help you.

Source: Google

Yvan Page

Best deal

Source: Google

Nicole Trottier

great service

Source: Google

Lucia Dima

Excellence service. Pierre Alexi

Source: Google

Joël Charlebois

Excellent service, as always. Plus, their vehicles are top notch mnnn I highly recommend.

Source: Google

Ryan Reed

Great staff and service was reasonably priced compared to other Mazda dealerships.

Source: Google

Reg Jaumond

Good. Place. To. Buy

Source: Google

pier-olivier Poulin

Depuis maintenant quelques années, je fais affaire avec Carl Maisonneuve de cher Hawkesbury Mazda. Après avoir fait l’achat de mon 3e véhicule, je peux clairement dire que le service reçu est impeccable et du plus professionnel. Les détails fournis durant la vente, et le service après-vente du vendeur en question est excellent. Les détails donner, les options disponible, les prix compétitif, sont tous des détails qui font en sorte que lâchât de mes véhicules ont été si facile!!! De plus, la livraison du véhicule, et le service rendu au moment de la livraison était magnifique!!!

Merci Carl Maisonneuve, et Hawkesbury Mazda pour l’excellent service.

J’adore mon véhicule!!!!!

Source: Google

Rosany Bougie

L'auto que je conduisait l'année passer ma lâcher et j'avais besoin d'un auto le plus vite possible donc je suis aller voir Carl Maisonneuve. Je lui est expliquer ce que je voulais et il ma sortie plusieurs prix et auto en conséquence je n'est jamais vue un vendeur aussi dévoué a son client, à l'écoute, honnête et respectueux que lui. Aussi j'ai eu aucune pression d'achat, j'ai prit le temps que je voulais pour me décider et quand j'ai finalement fait mon choix j'ai acheter une Mazda 2. Sa fait maintenant 1 ans que j'ai mon auto et le service et toujours fantastique par exemple quand mon auto a besoin d'un changement d'huile il vienne la chercher et il me la rapporte. Je recommande fortement d'aller voir Carl Maisonneuve!

Source: Google

Nicholas Dicaire

J'ai fait affaire avec Hawkesbury Mazda en mars dernier. Plus particulièrement avec Carl Maisonneuve. J'ai reçu un service impeccable et très professionnel. Carl m'a suggéré les meilleures options qui se présentaient à moi. Aussi bien du côté financement que du côté garanti. Je connaissais tout du camion avant même de l'acheter.

Merci a Hawkesbury Mazda pour l'excellent service et surtout merci à Carl Maisonneuve. J'adore mon camion.

Source: Google

Bruce Beattie

I was interested in purchasing a truck and was given the wrong information about truck eventhough I had the salesman Carl M in sales call me back once he got information as it wasnt readily available[NOT SURE WHY} I was given the wrong year and specifications for truck{ couldnt even get the colour right} I was told the truck was just like new it honestly couldnt have been further from the truth, the smell inside vehicle was bad enough to give you a headache it was full of grease or oil bad enough you couldnt sit on it.The sales manager at least that is how he was presented to us told us to take it for a test drive, my wife refused as the vehicle was not ready for a test drive and should not have been put up for sale until it was cleaned up. We evaluated the situation and offered $4900.00 less than asking price and told him that our time had already been wasted not to waste our time anymore, it was only offer no negotiating. He then wanted our vehicle to evaluate it for trade in value we handed the keys over, and no word of a lie he sat in an office for an hour and did not need keys as we were watching if anyone went to vehicle.Finally got numbers scribbled on paper he took full asking price of vehicle and added tax and then subtracted the trade in of our vehicle.Just to let you know you only are required to pay tax on money exchanging hands meaning purchase price in this case we told him $19,000.00 was the most we would pay subtract trade in value of $10,0000 according to their evaluation would leave balance of $9,000.00 plus tax for a total of $10.170.00 they wanted $17,000.00 and some change. Not only was the experience completely unprofessional He was asked if he would sell truck for a straight deal of $19,000.00 as we informed him at the very beginning an hour and a half prior he refused.I then let him know what I thought of the whole situation Im glad my kids were in the vehicle at this point as I didnt have one thing to compliment him on.The experience was bad from beginning and just got worse never have I seen anything like it before. We had purchased 2 vehicles in the last year and had great experiences at two different delerships, I guess all things come to an end or maybe not stay with ones that you know and dont take chances with new ones

Source: Google

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