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Erin Mills Mazda in Mississauga, Ontario

2400 Motorway Boulevard
Mississauga, Ontario L5L1X3

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2018 2019
Please note that the finance rates below reflect the base model and may vary depending on the trim selection. For more detailed information on a specific vehicle, click here to generate your free cost report.

2019 Mazda CX-3

Finance 0.99% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $1,500

Starting at: $21,045
2019 Mazda CX-5

Finance 1.49% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $0

Starting at: $27,850
2019 Mazda CX-9

Finance 2.49% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $2,500

Starting at: $36,700
2019 Mazda Mazda3

Finance 1.49% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $0

Starting at: $18,000
2019 Mazda Mazda3 Sport

Finance 1.49% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $0

Starting at: $21,300
2019 Mazda Mazda6

Finance 0.50% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $0

Starting at: $27,350
2019 Mazda MX-5

Finance 1.99% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $2,000

Starting at: $32,900

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Kaushik Pyther

New Car (Sales)

Had a very good experience with this dealer. Shawn was my sales rep who took carr of my needs and got me a car in my budget.

Source: Unhaggle

Bob Greenhalgh

New Car (Sales)

The Mazda CX-5 was our top choice in the CUV class because of the unlimited KM for the 3 and 5 yr warranties. We eventually decided a GT was the right model for us, with or without the Tech Package. Finally, we decided we would try to find a demo to save a bit of money.

A few dealers had a GT demo, some with Tech and some without. Yaman at EMM helped us over several visits as we considered the pros and cons of new vs demo and gave us some good indications as to how much we might save.

I'm very methodical when it comes to buying a car and I visited about ten dealerships during the whole process and EMM gave off a very positive vibe. That, coupled with Yaman's help and the specific GT demo they had on the lot, encouraged us to make an offer.

It is never "totally painless" when buying a car, as these guys do it for a living, but Yaman and "K1" (Assistant Sales Manager) really did try to make the price work for us. In the end we got a car that we are happy with at a very fair price. We probably saved $1000 over other GT demos with Tech and many $1000s over new!

I strongly recommend EMM and Yaman!

Source: Unhaggle

Sonia Kalinowska

New Car (Sales)

The unhaggle salesman was awesome and we actually negotiated further with the sales manager past the unhaggle price. What can I say it's my ninth car purchase and I was looking for the safest suv and most bang for my buck. I'm a new mom, newly stay at home mom and money is tighter then normal so I had a price in mind. They beat it by another 500$, the process took longer then I wanted but hey 5mins with a baby is too long. I love my 2015 cx5 awd gs model at less then the cost of the msrp of the lower model. Oh and trust me I went with the offer to several other Mazda dealerships who couldn't come close and tried to tell me they are selling me a base model or a non awd model because that price is not possible. I was so freaked out that when I came back to the dealership I was afraid it was going to be a bait and switch. It wasn't, I love my new suv so much so that I baked goodies for the staff who I love so much at Erin Mills Mazda! Thanks Geopo

Source: Unhaggle

Laurie Lomax

Erin Mills Motors was amazing and my salesman JJ made me feel at ease and appreciated when purchasing my car. He was amazing and would highly recommend him to friends. Also Paiman went beyond also and made me feel important. Great service great guys. Best choice I made in finding a great dealership. Thanks guys

Source: Google


The only thing I can say about the customer service in Mazda Erin Mills is that it is very exceptional. I am a person who is very hard to please but Zohaib went out of his way to help me understand everything and I really appreciate it. He's very patient, informative and frank. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who's planning to get a Mazda.

Source: Google

yu qi

I need to admit that Austin Guo is a very nice sales. He is very patient to introduce and provide information for us! He can speak Mandarin so it very convenient for Chinese people! Very appreciate for his assistance!

Source: Google

Blair Beveridge

After many years of being great, I had an incident where they would not honour my warranty and ended up sticking my with a bill for over $500. I would take your business elsewhere.

Update: I eventually got the half of rebate I requested, from Mazda Canada, though I still had to eat half the costs. I tried on various occasions to deal with your service department and was never contacted back after being told I would be on at least 5 occasions, even when my wife pointed out the warranty on the screen in front of you of your employees. Another dealership put me in touch with Mazda Canada, who was able to resolve our issue is some capacity. My review and opinion stands, and sadly you lost a loyal client.

Source: Google

Sreejith S Nair

Very Happy with the service at Erin Mills Mazda. They have a wonderful team who is always helpful. Special thanks to Mohammad Akbar (Asst. Sales Manager) and Faaiza (Finance Manager) for taking care of my purchase and making it a smooth process.

Source: Google

Jim O'Carroll

We dealt with Mohammad on the purchase of our new vehicle. He was courteous, extremely helpful and very attentive to our needs making sure all our questions and concerns were addressed. He made the whole purchase transaction a very pleasant experience. We even enjoyed his sense of humour. Would definitely recommend him and the dealership to family and friends.

Source: Google

Fahd Shah

Excellent service overall. JJ, the sales rep provided perfect service, no unnecessary talk or trying to oversell. Just walked in asked to test drive a car, and everything was straight to the point. Excellent service, couldn't be more satisfied.

Source: Google

Steven Notaro

I had a verbal agreement with a sales rep for the 2018 Mazda Signature vehicle. A few weeks later I booked a meeting via email to purchase he vehicle. The email outlined the verbal agreement and car specifics. The rep acknowledged our email, booked the meeting and confirmed the requested vehicle was in inventory. Not only was the vehicle not in inventory, but the rep went back on his word - no deal, you pay full sticker price. What a waste of time.The rep tried to pull the wool over my eyes and charge me full cost for a 2018 vehicle by hiding the purchase price and trying to only focus on bi weekly payments. Why would I pay full sticker price for a 2018, it's 2019. Why did Mazda not live up to their word?

Needless to say I have a very sour taste in my mouth from this whole experience.

Long story short: had a verbal agreement and confirmation car was there, Mazda went back on their agreement and the car wasn't in inventory.

This makes me wonder: how trustworthy would this dealership be on the service side? What type service can you expect post car purchase? Can you trust them? This experience raises alot of questions with respect to the integrity of this dealership.

Source: Google

pramod thapa

It was the most pleasurable car buying moment I ever had. Mohammad Akbar is very polite and knowledgeable. Highly recommended. Thank you very much for helping me for trade in and purchase.

Source: Google

steve virani

Excellent service at this dealership by everyone especially Mohammad Akbar who was our salesperson. From start to finish very honest, thorough, and a great communicator. We are very happy with our service and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a great vehicle. A perfect 10!

Source: Google

Vera Popovici

Mohammad was great, very helpful, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. We will highly recommend him and go directly to him when we are ready to buy our next car. Thank you, Mohammad, for this seamless and enjoyable experience. You are the best!

Source: Google

Rupayan Ghosh

Amazing dealership, they have a solid inventory, you can take a look at pretty much all the cars Mazda has to offer here. The service is great everyone there is very helpful and very friendly. They know what their doing and it truly shows.

Source: Google

Iqra Sheikh

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Went in looking to buy my first car and Syed really vouched for me. Explained everything to me step by step, and was able to deliver everything on time plus more. New breaks, tires, and a free manual. I got an extraordinary deal for an amazing price. I didn't even want a Mazda until I came to the dealership and I was sold! Staff is super friendly and helpful. Check it out if you haven't already. You won' t be disappointed!

Source: Google

Leo Xiang

I went to Erin Mills Mazda twice looking for my car (2015 Mazda 3 GS). The first time was okay because it took me so long to wait for test driving. but the second experience was amazing. I really appreciate the help from Mr. Yaman he was so friendly. and the best thing was he helped me to get a great deal for my car!!! If you want to get a Mazda, you definitely need to go to Erin Mills and speak with Yaman! Enjoy!

Source: Google

Mini mathur

I bought my Mazda 6 from EMM last year for my Anniversary. At the time of pick I was taken for a surprise, the staff of Erin Mills Mazda had the car gift wrapped, had an instant picture taken. It was one of my best gifts. The staff is very friendly and helpfull.
I would strongly recommend Erin Mills Mazda . Zoom Zoom :-)

Source: Google

Michael Lim

Just picked up my second Mazda from Erin Mills Mazda. On both occasions, had the pleasure of dealing with Mohammad Akbar, who is the sales consultant, and Paiman, the senior finance manager. Both are very professional in their dealings.

Mohammad is very knowledgeable of the fleet of Mazdas. He is very genuine and dependable. No wonder he is the best sales performer at the dealership. He truly cares about his customers and it shows! Not pushy at all; he does not need to be since he is selling a great product.

Paiman is great as well. Very efficient, professional and personable.

Both are a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend Erin Mills Mazda and Mohammad. You will know you are in good hands!

Source: Google

Usha Menon

This is our 3rd car purchased from Erin Mills Mazda for our family. The third one was specially purchased for me. I had given my specifications to Ravi Menon and he chose the right car for me. I now own a cute little Mazda 2 - lovingly named 'Lucy' by my daughter. The staff namely Paiman and Aman were very professional to go through all the formalities with me with a lot of patience. They delivered the car promptly and in good condition. I am certainly pleased with the car and the service provided by the knowledgeable staff.

We have had great experience dealing with this dealership for servicing our Mazda 6 also. I always sincerely recommend them to my friends and family and many of them have bought cars from Erin mills Mazda. They too mentioned that the service rendered is exceptional!!!

Source: Google

Asad Mian

Recently purchased a Mazda3 (GT Fully loaded with moonroof) at this location and I was assisted by Tariq Javed. I cannot express how satisfied I am with my experience at Erin Mills Mazda. Tariq delivered excellent service. The knowledge he has about the product, patience with my questions, and professional services are exceptional. I had gone to several other dealerships but at Erin Mills Mazda I found them informative and answering my query with all pros and cons. I found out more about my car needs with Tariq’s help than ever. Everything he promised me he delivered and nothing was missing. Would buy from Tariq again any day. I highly recommend this place and Tariq especially to everyone. I rate them 5 stars!!!

Source: Google

Ammun Khurshid

Hi My name is Nouman Sheikh, i recently purchased a Mazda 6 GT from erin mills mazda. I was delighted at the experience I had at this dealership. The service was great, and my sales rep, Yalda was really helpful through the entire process. This was my first vehicle and he guided me through the process Also the finance manager Harris helped me get approved and got me an awesome deal on my rims. I would highly reccomend Yalda and Harris and Erin mills Mazda to all fo my family and friends. Now im Zoom Zooming away in my new Mazda 6 GT!!

Source: Google

Nibu Varguise

Wonderful! wonderful! wonderful!!!
That has been my experience always with Erin Milss Mazda. I have been with them since 2008 and I still bring my cars here even if I have to drive far. The service I get starting from the Service advisor till the Technician and others at the dealership is fabulous. What shines through in the whole experience is the honesty and the clarity about the work that needs to be done. Since I drive a lot and since my kids travel with me sometimes, safety is prime. The advices given by the advisors at Erin Mills Mazda are with safety at the forefront and then the financial aspect too being kept in mind. I do not mind driving any far distance for such honest service. Ravi Menon, General Manager, is a very humble and honest person who will make you feel at home.
I would advice their service to anybody who asks me!100%!!!!

Source: Google

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