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Dewildt Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Hamilton, Ontario

1600 Main Street East
Hamilton, Ontario L8K1E7

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2018 2019 2020
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2019 Chrysler 300

Finance 4.29% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $0

Starting at: $41,795
2019 Chrysler Pacifica

Finance 4.29% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $7,000

Starting at: $36,995

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Connor Lowry

I’ve been to multiple ram dealers, and these guys were by far the best to deal with. Everyone knows what’s going on and they go the extra mile for service.

I dealt with Ray most recently, he was able to squeeze my truck in to take care of a time sensitive issue right away, and was extremely professional throughout the process. I wasn’t waiting around for any extra time, the issue was taken care of diligently and I was on my way.

Highly recommend these guys if you live in the Hamilton area.

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Kurtis Hervé

2018 Dodge Challenger

Josh, Jordan and everyone else at Dewildt, I can't thank enough for their over and above service, After my motorcycle accident there was a lot of obstacles to get me back on my feet and back to work and getting a new vehicle was one of the last things to do and being in a very tight situation didn't stop them from going out of their way to make it happen. The only place I will be doing business, along with the only place I recommend!

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MD Ballentyne

I just leased a 2019 Jeep Wrangler and I must say it was the best experience !! We are repeat customers due to service and care George puts into his work. George found me exactly what I wanted and for the price I was looking for! Back in 2016 he treated us like family and because of that we came back 3 yrs later and got the same warm welcome. Thank you for the great customer service and I will without a doubt recommend Dewildt Chrysler and will definitely use them again. Thank you George

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Chanelle Brochu

I was originally quite unhappy with the booking for service but once I expressed this, the general manager, Mark and the service manager, Andre worked very hard to change my experience. They were flexible with when I brought my Jeep in and worked around my schedule. Then they completed the work in the time promised. Helen from the shuttle service is amazing! Overall, I was quite impressed at how hard everyone worked to keep one customer happy. Thanks Dewildt

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Kristen Bailey

I just purchased a 2019 Jeep Compass and I absolutely love it!! George and Mark we're both amazing to work with!! George found me exactly what I wanted and for the price I was looking for! They both were so helpful and went above and beyond to provide me with the best customer service. I have had a terrific experience with Dewildt Chrysler and will definitely use them again. Thank you Mark and George!!

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Paul Wellard

Brad is an honest car salesman. If your going there to kick tires ask for Brad.

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david cirillo

the service absolutely disgusting. brought my car in because my door would not open they told me THE PART I needed would cost nearly 700.00 dollars with tax 800.00 meanwhile I did my own research and part only cost 220.00 DOLLARS then I find out that was not the problem the problem was the door handle which was only 40. meanwhile while my car was there the rep told me that my door was apart and they could ent put it back together again when meanwhile that was a lie. forcing me to get the job done with the first price they quoted me. BEWARE!!! THERE NOTHING BUT CROOKS OVER THERE !! OVER CHARGING PEOPLE.

Source: Google

Van Latendresse

This is a review I did for my Wrangler forum and thought it would be beneficial to also post it on Google reviews so folks can read about my experience and go there knowing they'll be treated well and the work they do will be top notch.

Had my Jeep in recently to get the radiator, oil cooler and heater core swapped out for the infamous no heat on the drivers side problem. Now it's a blast furnace again.

I have to give kudos to my dealership, Dewildt Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Hamilton Ontario, Canada for the outstanding service and work they performed on my Jeep as well as the no hassle approach to the problem, very stress free which is nice for a change.

They had the vehicle 2 full days and a few hours of the 3rd day to make sure everything was in order with no leaks etc. They also informed me they flushed the system twice until no more sludge was present and with pretty much a new cooling system then installed I should now be good to go. Now I've read horror stories on this forum about this particular job and the amount of work and panel/dash removal involved and quite frankly that was worrying me quite a bit. I was worried the dash would be loose or rattling all over the place or extra screws or plastic clips laying around but no such problem everything is as it was which soothed my ocd.

I was also put in another Wrangler for the period my Jeep was in the shop but I do have the gold warranty plan which includes a rental so I can't say what they would have done if I just had the regular warranty.

In any event it seems to be the toss of the dice these days to find good dealership/service department and I just thought mine deserved some accolades as it's easy to bash and get angry at dealerships but in the event they do perform well in every aspect then I think they deserve a mention on the forums.

Source: Google

Josh davies

The service center here is atroshish. Worst place to get an oil change ot any work done. Bought a brand new jeep from them. Leaked at the door not my fault the just bandaided the seem with silicone then it leaked again same spot they tried to blame the roof but for some reason changed the door seal and said it was my fault. I complained told them I wanted it detailed inside due to the water damage and smell. They finally agreed. Called to book appointment for that and oil change and brought them my jeep at 7 am like requested only for them to call and tell me it wasn't done at 430 all they did was an oil change and didn't even touch the other repairs. I literally wait sometimes 2 -3 hours for oil changes eventhough they say 30 to 45 mins. Hate this stealership. Never will I buy from them again. Also traded my jeep in at a different dealer . Had my sale papers from the purchase in glove box they couldnt believe how i got screwed. Way over charged. I was 26 when I bought this and the short falls they have are to bad to ignore. They are definitely not customer focused. Any positive review here I can bet is employees. I have had several people come forward after my dealings and tell me they had similar issues with this stealership screwing around with them. Also when I finalized my deal and they found out I got preferred pricing all a sudden the jeep they found me wasnt available anymore and they made me pay to put a hitch on another one without me realizing it. Which also meant no towe haul mode. Absolute garbage this place is. There was also some big guy with black or dark hair and a goate. He needs an attitude check.his dirty looks and cold demeanor are off putting. Also it's been over 5 months since I've been there and I've had my new Ram for 3 months about now and I'm still thinking about how much they pissed me off on sooooo many occasions they always come up short

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Great Dealership. The staff were very friendly and the salesman had a fanstasic attituide and it was a very laid back approach. I would recommend this dealership to all of my family and friends!

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