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Go Dodge Don Mills in North York, Ontario

888 Don Mills Road
North York, Ontario M3C1V6

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2018 2019 2020
Please note that the finance rates below reflect the base model and may vary depending on the trim selection. For more detailed information on a specific vehicle, click here to generate your free cost report.

2019 Chrysler 300

Finance 4.29% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $0

Starting at: $41,795
2019 Chrysler Pacifica

Finance 4.29% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $7,000

Starting at: $36,995

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Jan Varrik

Used Car (Sales)

Tried to sell me a demo vehicle for the mrsp price, less freight and pdi (11000km) when I mentioned that the car has 11k on it I quote “those are just Pats (an employee)kilometres” and at some point mentioned that someone needs to pay for the kilometres.

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Bob Vespi

New Car (Sales)

I didn't have a pleasant experience at Bob Bannerman's. In fact it was the only unpleasant experience I've ever had as a long time Chrysler owner. Before the salesman even sat down his opening words posed the question: "If we can work some magic with the numbers will you buy a car today?" This type of approach immediately 'got my back up' so to speak. Of course my answer was 'no' and that I'd rather ask some questions about the vehicle first. My jaw slackened when he persisted to push his 'buy today' argument and I felt I was in a bad comedy skit. This grating, pushy approach affirmed in my mind that I wouldn't be buying today nor any other day. At least, not from this salesman.

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carla baudot

New Car (Sales)

A positive experience for our purchase of a Dodge Caravan, with the assistance of Artem Alberto and Alberto Garcia (Artem unexpectedly temporarily unavailable so Alberto took over). Both patiently answering all questions and willing to accommodate our unusual needs. Steve Baskie, sales manager, immediately compensated for our misunderstanding regarding purchase of a demo. Artem took all the time needed to explain technology with which we were unfamiliar. We look forward to the same pleasant experiences with service, having already met Bill Clark . Thank you for everyone's attentiveness!

Source: Unhaggle

Liam Ward

We had a perfect experience shopping for our new Jeep Grand Cherokee at Don Mills. We had actually visited a different Jeep dealership prior to Don Mills, with every intention of making a purchase and instead ended up leaving before even taking a test drive - it was the perfect example of why people don’t like dealerships & salesman pressure.

Andy and Don Mills was the exact opposite of that experience. If you want to be convinced why you ‘need’ a car - Don Mills is not the place to go. If instead you want to just have a honest conversation, but treated like a person and not a dollar figure, then go see Andy at Don Mills.

We were fortunate to visit during a end of year sales promotion which meant great prices, but somewhat limited selection & inventory. Andy never pressured us to end up in something we didn’t want and did everything he could to make sure we ended up leaving in exactly what we were looking for. He even played babysitter while we had a few test drives!

Everyone else in service and finance had the exact same approach - no pressure to add on every bell and whistle and happy to answer and explain every question.

We couldn’t be any happier with our purchase so far and the experience that Andy provided. Nice to be treated like a person and not a commission.

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Armando Liz G

Excellent customer service! All details were explained well and we were able to test drive a few vans with no pressure to buy. We did buy a 2017 Caravan and are happy with our purchase. Thank you Alberto😁👍

Source: Google

Shaun Chapman

I asked them to fix a hood lock sensor that wasn't working.
Service clerk comes in to say they've been working for an hour so wanted permission to put in another hour (at $130 /hr).

I asked to visit the service bay and was allowed to talk to the mechanics (nice guys). I asked them what they've done so far and all they could tell me was that they voltage checked the connecting wire.

I asked, "Did you replace the sensor? Or do a software check?". No, they said, just a voltage check.
The mechanics were honest at least. They would not say how long that took (being understandably afraid). The answer I speculate is less than 5 minutes.

Now the service clerk realizes he's busted so starts getting huffy aggressive and says, "Since you said you can fix it yourself, then why don't you?'... which I never said.

I called these crooks out and they backed off on trying to screw me.
This is shameful scamming by such a large Chrysler dealership... disgusting.

Pretty sure I won't buy another vehicle from Go Dodge Mills.

Source: Google

Dimitri T

Just bought my new Jeep Wrangler from Go Auto Don Mills and I’m loving it. Jeff Weir was my sales associate and made the stress of buying a new car disappear. Jeff was flexible and prompt in his communication through email and provided me all the necessary details before even coming in to give it a test drive. He was very knowledgeable about the vehicle and did everything he could to make a deal happen. He really cares that you get the best deal possible and went above and beyond throughout the whole process. If you go to Go ask for Jeff!! Julio the money man made everything on the financing side easy and quick. My next car will definitely be from Go Auto! 👍🏽

Source: Google

Eunice Costa

This dealership and the employees are amazing. I have to say that especially Alberto is OUTSTANDING! 😁👍
He goes above and beyond his job. He is personable, upbeat, caring and genuine.
I cannot tell you in words how grateful we are the first day we stepped foot in that dealership in 2017 and how AMAZING Alberto was and still is.
A MUST go to place to buy a vehicle.
Thank you for your amazing work!
Eunice Costa and Ray Camilleri 😁🙏

Source: Google

sherry mayes

I spent days looking for a van that would suit my large family and met many car dealers - I finally ended up at Bob Bannerman and met William Fry, He was very easy to talk to - he has great knowledge about the cars, is not pushy and really helped me with my decision. Thanks!

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Fred Code

I hoped someday I would own another Jeep Wrangler - leased my first (1999) and fell in love with it. What was unexpected and very appreciated was the treatment received from the servicing department during the six or so years I had it (Bill and others). I knew if I got another one, hopefully it would be with Bannerman again.... picked the new one (2014 Sport) up today and have to write this up to note what a seamless experience it was dealing with Pat Speirs (sales) and Clinton from the financing department. I usually am apprehensive around car dealerships but they both well exceeded any expectations.
Further I am comforted already knowing I'm going to be treated well by the servicing department, on-going. Thank you, Fred Code Architect

Source: Google

Jay Fernandez

We purchased a 2014 Dodge Caravan and we were lucky to be helped by Ivan Shmatko. We walked in the dealership and he made us feel welcome immediately. He answered our questions, even double checking where needed. Throughout the whole process, we felt reassured. We didn't feel pressured to purchase at all. There was no snake-oil presentation, no smoke and mirrors. We experienced a down-to-earth service from a gentleman and a family man with great potential. I hope my review will lead you to him.

Source: Google

Shu-Yan Mok

Over the years I’ve bought 3 new cars (a Corolla, a Honda CRV, and a Nissan Xterra in that order) and I consider myself a pretty informed consumer, so I was very pleased to meet a first-rate sales professional in Pat Speirs when I was in the market for a new Jeep Wrangler last September.

In short order she figured out where I was coming from, and what I was looking for. As far as I was concerned, within a span of 3 weeks and 2 visits to the dealership, (and a couple of phone calls and emails), she answered all my questions, respected the results of my own research, and offered helpful problem-solving suggestions. Above all she demonstrated a genuine interest in helping me to get the Jeep I wanted.

I also had to, shall we say, interact with the dealership’s sales manager and business manger both before and after the deal. But I got the distinct impression that they were recruited by Pat to help her customer, and, yes, to close a deal.

Source: Google

Ed Holman

We recently purchased a 2014 Jeep Patriot from Bannerman under the expert knowledge and advice of our sales consultant Pat Speirs. She made our shopping experience a pleasant one. We completed our transaction knowing that we paid a fair price without the stress that can sometimes happen when purchasing a vehicle. She was assisted in the process by Clint Richardson, the Business Manager, who walked us through the paperwork with a minimum of fuss. All in all a very pleasant experience.

Source: Google

John Luciani

Just purchased a 2013 Dodge Caravan from Bannerman from a very professional salesman by the name of Ivan Shmatko. Ivan made the experience very enjoyable. As everyone knows, some folks treat buying a car as a scary proposition but I disagree. A new car purchase is exciting, not frightening.

Ivan and Bob Bannerman Chrysler were fantastic. Everything was managed professionally and efficiently and with a a lot of help. All promised items were delivered as stated and in the time frame stated. I'm happy with the the new car and the whole experience.

I would recommend Bob Bannerman and Ivan Shmatko to anyone in the market for a Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep.

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