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Mazda of Richmond Hill in Richmond Hill, Ontario

10414 Yonge Street
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C3C3

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2018 2019
Please note that the finance rates below reflect the base model and may vary depending on the trim selection. For more detailed information on a specific vehicle, click here to generate your free cost report.

2019 Mazda CX-3

Finance 0.99% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $1,500

Starting at: $21,045
2019 Mazda CX-5

Finance 1.49% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $0

Starting at: $27,850
2019 Mazda CX-9

Finance 2.49% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $2,500

Starting at: $36,700
2019 Mazda Mazda3

Finance 1.49% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $0

Starting at: $18,000
2019 Mazda Mazda3 Sport

Finance 1.49% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $0

Starting at: $21,300
2019 Mazda Mazda6

Finance 0.50% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $0

Starting at: $27,350
2019 Mazda MX-5

Finance 1.99% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $2,000

Starting at: $32,900

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Dibyendu Mukherjee

New Car (Sales)

A very good dealer. I especially thank Eliot for helping me through the lengthy process of test drive and financing. He listened to my requirements, provided great suggestions whenever I needed and helped me get a great deal suiting my financial conditions. I also thank Andrew, the finance manager for all the help and long communications over phone and emails. Both of them made the process very smooth for me.

Source: Unhaggle

Lisa Liscio

New Car (Sales)

This will be my 4th Mazda and decided to upgrade from 3 to SUV CX5 and absolutely LOVE it!! Many thanks to Adam Jaklewicz who made it happen for me and be in new vehicle within a week! Amazing service and I would highly recommend him! Special shout out to the service dept and rest of staff here, always exceed my expectations, very friendly and of course tasty coffee :)

Source: Unhaggle

Mohsen M.

New Car (Sales)

Excellent dealer/ services provider and proficient, friendly team,
I purchased my wife Mazda 3 and recently purchased a 2016 CX5 and I absolutely like this dealer ship and also my car also! A huge thank you to Amar, who was my sales consultant. He is professional, friendly, courteous and attentive. Amar took the time to answer all of my questions. He is very knowledgeable and showed me all of my options, before creating the best deal possible. I had visited another dealership prior to Mazda Richmond Hill and did not have a very good experience. However, from the moment I walked through the doors at Mazda Richmond Hill, I was greeted by friendly and helpful staff. Thanks Amar for making the purchase of my CX5 a wonderful experience! And thanks Mike , manager, and Andrew, financial manager, for their considerations and kindness.

Source: Unhaggle

Frances Tenney

Recently bought a used Mazda 3 from this dealership, overall great experience with fast and professional service. Salesperson Farshad and Financial Manager Ben were friendly, patient, and eager to help - even staff not directly involved in the sale were available to answer questions. I highly recommend Mazda of Richmond Hill, and I'm very happy with my purchase.

Source: Google

allen abraham

Just got my 2018 Mazda 6 GT from here today . It was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Shahram , the Asst Sales Manager, heard about the challenges i was facing and made the extra effort in helping me out. Salesman Alan was really really honest and helpful in choosing the right vehicle for my needs , and the necessary follow up processes that had to be done on the car. I would really recommend the outlet for those of you who are planning to look through used or new cars . Thanks to the Mazda of Richmond hill team for making the whole process an unforgettable one .. :-)

Source: Google

Michel J

Overall experience with the guys on the floor was great! Even though we know there job is a sales person, we honestly felt that they went out of our way to help us with our purchase and spent with us as much time as needed to make sure everything is clear. We felt their sincerity and saw their humanity behind their actual jobs. Thanks a lot everyone for your help!

Source: Google

Nick Ashman

Very friendly and laid back service. No pressure applied like felt elsewhere on our hunt for a car. Alan was brilliant, very knowledgable, honest and approachable. On hand and quick to reply to many questions asked. Overall great service, finance guy Ron was brilliant too super friendly and down to earth

Source: Google

Howard Lee

Recently bought a used Mazda CX5 from this dealership. JP was my sales associate and he was one of the most genuine and helpful associate I've met. He took care of my family and I, in every aspect from start to finish, with the utmost patience. Staff and managers at the dealership were all kind and service is excellent. It had a laid back atmosphere with no pressure. Would recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a Mazda.

Source: Google

Swati Tripathi

Hello all,

I feel very thankful to Richmond hill Mazda for after sales services. Mr.Ted such a nice gentleman! and Nazrul and all other staff members are very helpful and polite.I recommend this place for used or new vehicles.. Cant go wrong! Best ... Swati

Source: Google

Amy Shi

Brought in my car for service and had an unexpectedly wonderful experience!! My cooling fan stopped working, hubby wanted to change the part himself, so originally I went here to purchase the part. Spoke to Troy Persaud, he provided the part price, showed me a diagram of the part and answered all of my questions. At the end, Troy mentioned that service could also install the part or at least perform a diagnosis to make sure I needed this correct part. Extremely pleased I listened to him as it was a different part needed and now my car is running smoothly! Thank you Troy for going above and beyond and the Service Team! Would highly recommend

Source: Google

Peter Constantopoulos

I had a great experience at this location. Reza, the associate who dealt with me, was wonderful. The staff at this specific location are great. Even people not involved in my specific sale were there to help. I strongly recommend the service from this location. This is the second Mazda I purchased from this specific dealership.

Source: Google

Jeff Sharpe

Met Nasir for the first time today and he sold us a car for our daughter! He was super nice, a very fair deal (we had been shopping) and now we can't wait to get our new car! Super Team at RH Mazda. I would highly recommend! Sincerely, Jeff

Source: Google

Elena Vinogradova

Great team of professionals, everyone is making you feel at ease, and welcomed; they respond and accommodate to your needs and preferences so at the end you feel really happy! I would recommend this dealership vs others (from experience), because no matter if you made a deal or not, you feel like you became a member of their “family”, where everyone is eager to help you in a genuine way.
Thank you!

Source: Google

Samantha Clarke

I had been looking online for cars for a while. Finally I found some cars at Mazda of Richmond Hill. Went to check them out and with help from Alan and Ben I purchased my first car. Everyone was friendly, patient and really helpful. Great communication, supportive and remains available for questions after purchase. I am very happy with my service. Thank you!

Source: Google

Taylor C

Had an amazing experience with Mazda of Richmond Hill! With below average credit and extreme anxiety - in came the help of sales associate Alan Metty and finance associate Ron Lake. They got me a better deal then I ever expected at this point in my life and we even had some laughs along the way. Awesome customer service. Made sure all my vehicle needs were met for pick up day. I was driving a gorgeous new car within a WEEK on an affordable, stress free contract. Thank you so much for your help guys. Would highly recommend this dealership to anyone!

Source: Google

Ali Ismayilov

Excellent place with exceptional service.
I am sincerely thankful to the staff of Richmond Hill Mazda for the service they provided to me about 10 days ago. Specifically, I would like to mention the names of Adam Jaklewicz (Sales and Leasing Consultant) and Ted Szilagy (Sales Manager). I was transferring my existing lease to someone and was going to take up a new vehicle. Adam and Ted made every effort to make the whole process smooth and hassle-free and they really did it! Thank you again, gentlemen! Hope to see you soon as the term for my second car is approaching the end!

Source: Google

Nelson Cardoso

Hello Mr. Serpa and future Mazda Customers,

I want to share a little bit about my recent experience at Avante Mazda. My wife had an accident a few weeks ago with the kids in the car. Fortunately they came out of the accident with only a few bruises but it did affect them quite a bit emotionally. Our previous car, a 2008 Mazda3 kept them safe but was a write-off.

The accident forced us into being in the market for a new car. After quite a bit of research and comparing a few models within our price range, the 2014 Mazda3 once again seemed like the best option for us in terms of price range, safety ratings, fuel consumption and overall customer reviews and ratings.

A neighbour mentioned to us that Avante was an excellent dealership. We did some research on pricing and then made contact with Anne-Marie at the dealership. Anne-Marie introduced me to Gautam Shah on a Monday during my lunch break to start the conversation and to learn more about the models and options available to us. I was so pleasantly surprised during our first meeting. He was nothing like the “horror story” car sales people you often hear about. Gautam was extremely approachable and immediately made me feel comfortable, like someone we could trust. After landing on a specific model and set of options, Gautam set us up for a test drive for that same evening.
My family visited the dealership that evening. Shortly after our arrival, Gautam greeted us and took us to the car that was ready for us to test. Both my wife and I loved our experience with the car. It was a smooth ride, handling was very good and it seemed like an all-around solid, safe and fun car.

Back at the dealership we sat down to discuss pricing and features. At no point did Gautam ever make us feel pressured into buying anything. He did describe all the options, features and benefits in detail, allowing us to make an educated decision as to what we wanted out of this new car. We finally settled on the 2014 Mazda3 GS with the convenience package. We absolutely loved that all pricing was discussed showing full prices instead of surprising us later with lots of extra fees like I've experienced at other dealerships in the past. Although we weren't expecting this new expense in our lives before the accident, we quickly arrived at a price that we felt was very fair for us based on the research we’d done. Gautam had us sign some paper-work (it was after business hours and he never rushed us) and let us know that he would do his best to get the car ready for us soon since our insurance would only cover the rental for a few days.

We got the call on Tuesday letting us know that the car would be ready on that same Friday (well ahead of schedule). We arrived on Friday, quickly filled out the last bit of paper-work and were ready to go enjoy our new car. The photo of us with the bow on the car and the bottle of champagne were very nice touches!

After such an emotional and stressful experience like an accident, the last thing one needs is more stress. Avante Mazda, Gautam Shah, Anne-Marie, the person at reception and any other employees we ran into made our car buying experience a fantastic experience. My wife was actually excited to go to the dealership to see her new car, which was a welcome site after what she had just experienced. Every step of the way was so smooth at Avante! Scheduling our meetings, the test drive, pricing, handling everything for ownership and insurance, the delivery day and even the follow-up email after the purchase with genuine wishes of congratulations and offering to be there for us… it was all so efficient and attentive to our needs.

I will highly recommend Avante Mazda to anyone in the market for a new Mazda. They are not like other dealerships and I mean that as a huge compliment! Thank you so much for taking care of us.

Nelson Cardoso

Source: Google

Thuva T

I bought my car from Avante Mazda. The people were really nice and the price was very reasonable. The sales rep was straight forward. No bull crap like other dealerships. I will definitely recommend this place to others.

Source: Google

Mohamed Dafer

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Excellent service.

Source: Google

Arun Mekkunnel

Seems like a very well run outfit.

Source: Google

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