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Aurora Chrysler in Aurora, Ontario

14535 Yonge Street
Aurora, Ontario L4G6L1

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2018 2019 2020
Please note that the finance rates below reflect the base model and may vary depending on the trim selection. For more detailed information on a specific vehicle, click here to generate your free cost report.

2019 Chrysler 300

Finance 4.29% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $0

Starting at: $41,795
2019 Chrysler Pacifica

Finance 4.29% for up to: 60 months

Cash Rebate Up to: $7,000

Starting at: $36,995

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Jason H

Car Servicing

I took my Ram pickup to this dealer to have the Ignition switch replaced. They performed a recall on the tie rod ends of the vehicle at that time at no charge to me. When I got my vehicle back, the technician had neglected to do a front end alignment after the work and so the steering wheel was not strait. I had to take the vehicle back to them to have that condition corrected.
Fast forward about 7000km later, I am in Alaska on a road trip, when I noticed that my two front tires have worn down to completely bald in just 2 months. Being a licensed mechanic myself, I quickly checked the alignment with a tape measure and verified that the alignment was not properly done, which is what caused the extreme and irregular tire wear.
I had the tires replaced in Alaska, and immediately reached out to Aurora Chrysler to advise them of the situation, and to request that they cover the cost of the tires, and perform another alignment on my vehicle when I arrived home.
I had to pester them for nearly 7 days before they responded, declining to cover any of my costs for damages. I sent another email with more questions about their decision and never got any response from them in writing only that I could come in and have a meeting. In that meeting the Dealership GM was going to “Goodwill” me some cash for my troubles (How can it be “goodwill”… it was their mistake????). He offered my 50% (he assumed my tires were already half worn out, so he “prorated” the price, they were 8 months old) of his cost on tires. That’s roughly $150 to cover my $550 bill in Alaska. What a slap in the face to an otherwise good customer, who has now come back to them with problems 3 times on the same repair.
Very unimpressed by the professionalism (or lack thereof) at this dealership. I was treated very poorly by the GM during our meeting, who actually opened the meeting with these words: “I don’t want this to take long, so here’s my offer, take it or leave it.”
They are a great place to go for repairs, as long as nothing goes wrong. If you have a

Source: Unhaggle

Chris V

On Saturday May 4th 2019 I called in the AM to make an appointment to purchase a RAM truck I saw the dealer had in inventory and trade in my Jeep. I spoke to sales rep Kyle. Kyle did a great job. He knew all the answers to my questions, made sure my wife and I felt comfortable through the process, the whole 9 yards. However, during the 3 hours we were at the dealer we were the ONLY customers on this lot. This was very suspicious to me given it was a Saturday afternoon. We soon found out why. When it came time to make a deal, I was offered by 2 other RAM dealers 17k for my trade in, the only reason we didn’t buy from them was the specs didn’t alight closely enough for what we wanted on what they had in inventory and didn’t want to wait to order one special. This dealer only offered me 14k (3k = 30% less than every other RAM dealer we saw). When the sales manager who I believe was named Mohammad (might be wrong on the name), aggressively tried to explain financing to us which Kyle had already done (I guess he doesn’t have faith in his sales reps who do a better job than him), I had to stop him and ask him to stop speaking so aggressively to my wife and I as we felt that a calm conversation with his aggressive involvement turned into an argumentative state out of nowhere as soon as we asked rational questions. They would not budget on the trade in value or the price of the vehicle. Kyle did his best to get us a good deal but they came back with a counter offer of the same original offer 3k lower on my trade in. We didn’t even try to argue the price of the new car by one dollar, just wanted fair trade value. So, frustrated they wouldn’t match other dealers, we walked away. We drove straight to North York Chrysler where EVERY sales rep was busy and people were ready to deal(think of a dealership like a restaurant, busy is a good sign it turns out)! A sales rep met with us, showed us the same RAM with BETTER options than the one at this dealer and lowered the price to match this dealer’s price even with more options. Then they gave me the 17k on my trade as well that 2 other dealers offered which these guys wouldn’t match. Done deal on the spot at North York RAM. It is a shame these guys waste opportunity. While I was with Kyle we had 2-3 people hovering around listening in on our convo, likely because we were the only people in the whole place, but it was creepy. Do yourself a favor and go to a dealer that actually wants to sell cars. Kyle, you are a good sales rep, I hope you transfer to a dealer that can appreciate the service you provide.

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Rez Moosavi

Express oil change line is Wasting time , 40 min here and I am Vichle should go first in but still they CHANGING oil for truck inside !!!!

Great employee in front desk but bad managing for progress of job they advertise...😡😡😡

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mani raj

This is the poorest customer service from the customer service manager. They only care abt the customer from Newmarket, Aurora, and Richmond hill not for the customer from Bradford. I asked for the customer comment book to make the comment abt the service they dont have one! It shows an IN- experience customer service manager for that place. I made a request to the customer service department got denied then I requested to the manager got denied, so my question is why there is a manager for that place if he couldn't provide me a customer service for me. All his answers are u live in Bradford ,so no customer service. And finally his suggestion for me is to try different service Centre! I can't even imagine the manager said that. He blamed the company and the general manager of the company. He never stood up to take the lead for the company and his team. There is no standardized service in Chrysler. It's like a black magic, the customer has to find wat service will be provided by each Chrysler showroom. I even though why I bought my car in this brand. The Japanese brand car dealer do better job.
And one more thing reviewers, they damaged my interior of my car. I made a report to the same manager, guess wat the manager told me? The manager told me that ,he is not responsible for that? There is no investigation made by the manager as for as I know. So this is my experience with the Aurora Chrysler dealership guys, so it's your option wat to choose and not to choose. Thanks for reading my experience.

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Emma Read

If you need any work done to your car in the shop the ONLY guy I recommend is Chris G ever since he's worked on my car it's been running so amazing, I'll only be requesting him from now on

Source: Google

Mirja A. Ramsey

I am happy with the car that I bought and satisfied with the price, but I felt railroaded into agreeing to an expensive extended warranty. Ultimately, I'm responsible for my own decisions; just would suggest you don't make the same mistake.

Source: Google

Dave Singh

So so experience with it being my first time there. Not sure I will return. Took my new ram diesel for its first oil change which apparently cost close to $275 with tax and take much longer. Used the express lane and was happy they could accommodate me as apparently they don’t do diesel in the express lane but it wasn’t busy so it worked out in my favor so I give them points for that. Change was done about 1.5 hours which is typical with Diesel so I went to grab a bite to eat down the road. They called when it was done so I returned to pay and wanted to use a Mopar digital coupon for $20 off. Person at the counter said it needed to be presented before and that they had done their invoicing so it was too late. There’s no mention of presenting it before hand on the details of the coupon and in my mind why would you have to do so when all you are doing is dropping off keys. It is what it is however I have a hard time believing that all invoices are set in stone permanently before payment is received and they couldn’t have re-invoiced me if they really wanted to. There were no other customers so time wouldn’t have been an issue. If I had made a stink about it and been rude I’m sure they would have done it. Good or even Exceptional customer service would have been to ensure that the entire experience was positive and go above and beyond to please a customer especially a first time one at that. At close almost $700 in oil changes (before tax) per year over the course of 5 years that’s $3500 in business that will most likely go elsewhere all because I left feeling annoyed.

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I've only taken my vehicle here twice and both times I was completely ripped off. I was charged both times for warranty work that should've been covered. Both service guy, Mike and Frank did nothing and could careless about fixing the issue. all they wanted was the money. Here's the best part, they told me I should've took it somewhere else. I guess they don't have confidence in their service either. I highly recommend to go to any other Chrysler dealership then this one. I guess the moral of the story is fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me

Source: Google

Roopa Makwana

After dropping my minivan off for service for the past 2 years I can't say the staff or service have been exceptional, I went in twice with the engine light on and all they did was turn it off with no indication of why it was triggered. However due to location I continued to go. Today's experience has put an end to that. After being assured a courtesy car would be in time to pick me up so I could be on time for my kids, the car didn't come. I then frantically biked to the dealership so that I wouldn't be abandoning my kids at school. I was frustrated and running late when I walked in and Mike C proceeded to give me the worst service I have experienced in years. He was not only unsympathetic he had a put upon attitude and seemed to move slower almost because he knew I was in a rush. Then I paid for the service when the original paperwork stated no charge at the time I dropped off the minivan. Having no time to argue I paid and left. I will definitely not be going there again, and suggest management teach basic customer service to their employees.

Source: Google

Scott Steel

I'm in the market for a new pick up and I'm looking at Dodge and Ford. I went in this evening to Aurora Chrysler to talk about the Ram 1500 and to maybe take one for a test drive. I was asked by a guy named "Joe" to fill out some personal info because there was a special pricing sale. When I said "I don't want to fill anything out, I'm just here for some info", Joe looked to his coworker and said "We'll work with standard pricing on this one". I let that slide even though in hindsight, I'd wished I'd simply walked out at that precise moment but I didn't because I did want some info on the truck.

From that point on, it was a series of back and forth banter about pricing and them knowing better than me on every subject - the other employee was too busy looking at his phone to actually engage me directly in a courteous manner. It felt like I wasn't a prospective customer but rather another sales guy from a competitors dealership. I've been in the auto industry before and I know how difficult being a commission only sales guy can be. I have family working as sales reps for dealerships in other cities so I know the score. Not once did anyone ask if I wanted to go see the truck let alone offer a test drive. Where the hell is the customer service??? If I'm dropping close to $50,000 for a product, I'd like some respect and courtesy from the representatives of the company selling it.

Needless to say, I may or may not purchase a Dodge but I definitely will not be buying it from there.

Source: Google

erinn jefferson

The service staff were amazing, helpful and determined to figure out what was going on with the engine of my car, wouldn't rest until it was fixed. I couldn't be happier with them! Won't go elsewhere, not even to my own home town Chrysler dealer which is geographically more convenient.

Source: Google

Sonny Chan

Just brought a New Town and Country from Aurora Chrysler. It is my 4th vehicle purchased at this dealership. The whole sales process are so pleasant, and the Sales Manager Kwan Mak was so helpful to answer all our questions. I am highly recommand this dealership to anyone.

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